All About Uncle Ricky

The Talents of Frederick Clifford Cropper


It’s The Uncle Ricky Store!

NEW_Colorful_Cast copyUnder his pen, as Rick Cropper, Uncle Ricky writes canny confabulation and quirky commentary.

As Uncle Ricky, he promotes, publishes and produces promising promotional pieces in print, visual motion media, and environments, upon paper, plastic or pavement.

NEW_Verbal_VisualInside the corporate identity of Uncle Ricky Productions, Rick Cropper conceives and composes verbal & visual Marketing through specialized media. He fashions a company’s public face. Exercising a talent for all things visual, Uncle Ricky Productions has designed artistic profiles for Municipalities and Museums, Restaurants & Realtors, Builders & Bodegas, Casinos & Cocktail Clubs. Nightclubs & Golf Courses & Galleries. Hotels, Motels, Exhibits & Showrooms.

NEW_Bldg_bricks_bravadoRick Cropper / Uncle Ricky Productions also creates Bricks & Mortar Interiors & Exteriors. 67 Restaurants and Night Clubs. 4 Municipal Buildings. 6 Churches.

Six Design & Community Appearance Awards speak to Rick Cropper’s attention to detail in bricks & mortar. The paper and print promotions that outfit a client’s needs for media exposure and in-house graphic presentations can come with the package. All different. All meeting independent needs.

NEW_Whos_Who_ButtonUncle Ricky’s roster of the Who’s~Who & What’s~What of clientelle comprises U.S. Capital, Gulf Oil, South Carolina Governor Carroll Campbell, The City of Myrtle Beach, the Town of Snow Hill, MD, The City of Charleston, SC, Jamaica Bay Casino, The Delmarva Discovery Center, The Dept. of Economic Development, Senate Majority Leader Alex Harvin, the South Carolina Sea Haven Home for Children, Charleston’s oldest restaurant, Henry’s On The Market, 4 locations for the great steakhouse, John Paul’s Armadillo Oil Companies, Pelican Food Systems of SC, The prestigious Kelaher, Connor & Connell Law Firm, The Founder Center’s Bass Law Firm, The Bank of Willards, The Second National Savings & Loan of Houston, The Second National Savings & Loan of Ocean City, MD. The most outrageous Sports Entertainment Night Club in the south and many, many more people and projects.

If we listed them all here, it might seem like we were boasting.


If you can see it, walk into it, watch it, listen to it, read it, hand it out, mail it out, put people in it, build it on your street, put it in a magazine, insert it into a newspaper, see it on your Television, watch it on your DVD player, or be dazzled by it on You Tube,
Uncle Ricky Productions can and probably has created it.


Creating imagery and space for Municipalities,   Small Business, Big Business. For Hospitality. For people who need to have a presence. And those needing to reach a broader market.

When it comes to shaping a public persona, people look to Uncle Ricky Productions to give them a look.

Take a peek at what we created for our favorite Realtor: The Waterfront Man.

The Waterfront Man